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Maritime & Logistics

Portsmouth is proud to be home to two of the Port of Virginia’s strategic facilities, Portsmouth Marine Terminal and Virginia International Gateway. The City’s proximity to these facilities breeds natural maritime activity, but also builds a strong partnership with logistics and ancillary companies that support Port and maritime activity. 

Portsmouth’s proximity to these two important global gateways and the intermodal infrastructure of the City ensures its companies can access all of the world's major markets.

Portsmouth Marine Terminal

Size Property- 287 acres
Container Storage Area Empty Container Yard: 44 acres
Capacity 250,000 Containers
TEU Capacity 437,500 TEUs
Interstate I-264
Nearest Highway State Route 164
Street Cleveland St.
Truck Gate Lanes 10 lanes (reversible)
Rail NS via Norfolk Portsmouth Belt Line
CSX Transportation
Berth 3 Berths
Wharf Length 3,540 L.F. Wharf

Virginia International Gateway

Size 291 Operating Acres
Capacity 680,000 Containers
TEU Capacity 1,196,800 TEUs
Interstate I-64
Street State Route 164 (4 Lane Divided Highway)
Truck Gate Lanes 15 inbound; 13 outbound gates
Rail 19,840 linear feet of working track arranged in eight 2,480 foot sections directly served by Commonwealth Railway with on dock connections to both Norfolk Southern and CSX
Berth 3 Berths
Wharf Length 3,750 feet

Small Business

Small business gets big support in Portsmouth. We know how just how important small teams and shops are to the neighborhoods that make up our communities and we value the investment each small business owner makes in our City. 

From a sole proprietorship to a 20-40 person team, we can help you start, locate or grow your small business by finding the right fit at the right time with the right resources. 

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Portsmouth and the small business community is a vital component of what makes our City thrive. Portsmouth Economic Development is here to help businesses access local resources that will help them grow.

Advanced Manufacturing

Portsmouth is home to a variety of manufacturing that helps our country work. From industrial sized duct work that’s precisely created to size from clean room  to small-scale metal stamping that help close make handles functions, our companies can do it all. 

The intermodal infrastructure offered by Portsmouth’s proximity to the largest port on the east coast, access to two rail lines and ease of use to multiple highways assists our manufacturers in distributing their products quickly and efficiently. Access to a skilled and motivated workforce allows for fast scale up.

Modeling, Simulation, and Technology

The City of Portsmouth has become a central hub of technology as the home to companies such as SimIS, Layer 9 and more. With the investment of $9 million dollar into 55-miles of fiber ring making Portsmouth a truly Smart City, the trend will only continue. Portsmouth offers a desirable location for modeling, simulation and technology companies in strategically placed infrastructure and digital amenities.

Defense adjacent industries, such as unmanned systems, have continued to provide modeling and technology companies opportunities to grow ahead of the curve in our military heavy city.

Specialty Retail

In the day of Amazon, retail has drastically shifted. For stores to draw consumers away from their devices and into a physical location, they need to offer something special. Enter specialty retail.

In the City of Portsmouth, many of our specialty retail examples overlap with our small business examples, but this isn’t always the case. Specialty retail is an experience, a product, a service that a consumer cannot get anywhere else. Or at least not close by. Portsmouth is unique, and we want our shopping experience to match.

Information Services

With the growth of online services, the demand for online support and other online adjacent industries have taken off. Portsmouth welcomes all information services that work large or small organizations, such as call centers, logistics management centers, support offices, etc.